5 really easy ukulele Hawaiian songs or melodies

For lots of people the sound of ukulele is deeply associated with Hawaii. However, what to play if you want to feel the sand of the beach, hear the sound of the waves and smell the hibiscus flowers?

Here is my top list of 5 easy (but very nice) songs to play. And don’t forget to privilege soprano ukulele (the smaller one) which have a fruitier sound!

1. Lovely hula hands

A nice song about hula dance, short and easy to memorize, but really sweet. It only required 6 easy chords (G, D7, G7, C, E7, A7). The rhythm, the chords, the lyrics… everything will transport you to Hawaii.

Just grab your uke and follow this tutorial!

2. Somewhere over the rainbow by IZ

You must know this song. No discussion. There will always be this moment when a friend will say: “you play ukulele? Oh please play this song of this big guy! You know this famous song in Hawaii!”.

And yes this song is cool and very easy to learn (5 chords: C, Em, Am, F, G). So no excuses, go learn it!

3. My little grass Shack

A harder one, but very Hawaiian. I love to watch video of this songs in Youtube with women performing hula dance.

This one is harder, but there is a nice tutorial which decompose all the different parts :

4. Hawaiian vamp

Not a truly song, but a nice short piece of music. Vamps are often used in ukulele between different parts and are frequently used in many Hawaiian songs. I like this short and effective tutorial. Really easy to get with only those chords : D7, G7, C, F.

5. Alona waltz

Another short piece of music to finish and definitively easy. A short waltz with Hawaiian sounds. Love it too. The tab is on the last page of this book.


And you which easy songs evokes the most Hawaii?

Top 10 of Youtube amateur that will make you love ukulele!

Do you still need to convince your friends that ukulele is a great instrument and that you can make great song cover with it? I have compiled my favorited Youtube video made by amateur just for you.

Each one make me want to grab my ukulele and play instantly!

1. Melissa Y Eureka

Melissa has a lot of fan on youtube and she deserve it! You will love her accent, her smile and the simplicity of her cover :

If you want more covers, visit her youtube playlist. She also create a lot of tutorials (in Spanish). And if you want to learn “Don’t worry, be happy”, you will like this tutorial.

2. Lilly Ahlberg

This video made me love Riptide. When you hear Lilly singing and playing ukulele, it looks like so easy and so beautiful!

Want to learn this song too? Here is the link to a Riptide tutorial. Lilly performed a lot of others covers on her channel with her guitar but this one is definitely the most successful.

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Ukulele chords flashcards

When I learn something I like to use flashcards to train my memory and practice regularly. The concept of flashcards is to use cards with questions on the front and answers on the bottom. Cards are easy to carry around and I use them while walking on the street or taking the subway.

I tried to find existing flashcards for ukulele chords on the web, but I didn’t find something that fit my needs (complete, easy to print) so I create this deck and I would like to share it with you. This is a first version with those chords:

  • major
  • 7
  • minor
  • minor 7

I hope that you will like it. I will add other chords in a future version.

Example of flash cards for major chords


Download the cards here: Ukulele-flashcards.pdf

Don’t hesitate to comment this post, are those cards useful for you?