Top 10 of Youtube amateur that will make you love ukulele!

Do you still need to convince your friends that ukulele is a great instrument and that you can make great song cover with it? I have compiled my favorited Youtube video made by amateur just for you.

Each one make me want to grab my ukulele and play instantly!

1. Melissa Y Eureka

Melissa has a lot of fan on youtube and she deserve it! You will love her accent, her smile and the simplicity of her cover :

If you want more covers, visit her youtube playlist. She also create a lot of tutorials (in Spanish). And if you want to learn “Don’t worry, be happy”, you will like this tutorial.

2. Lilly Ahlberg

This video made me love Riptide. When you hear Lilly singing and playing ukulele, it looks like so easy and so beautiful!

Want to learn this song too? Here is the link to a Riptide tutorial. Lilly performed a lot of others covers on her channel with her guitar but this one is definitely the most successful.

3. Emanuela Bellezza

Another great accent and a lot energy for Emanuela who performs simple but great ukulele covers :

Want to hear more covers of Emanuela, here is her youtube playlist. Have also a look at her tutorials.

4. Doddleoddle

A prolific ukulele singer who create a lot of crazy covers :

Have a look at her youtube playlist to discover more of her communicative madness 🙂

5. Cavetown

Despite the beginning of this list there is also a lot of men who records great covers, this guy is still young but is yet very impressive, you’ll find a lot good Twenty one pilots songs on his channel like this one :

There are a lot of covers on his youtube playlist.

6. Reneé Dominique

A very lovely voice, you should appreciate her covers :

More great covers on her playlist.

7. Ariel McCleary

Many songs recorded in her room, at the school, in the car… very fun to hear :

72 covers on her youtube playlist, she’s definitely prolific!

8. William Sung

His covers is only instrumental but very impressive, like this one :

Have a look at his channel, especially the disney songs!

9. Mackenzie Johnson

She performs mainly with her guitar, but this one with a ukulele is great :

10. Patrick Carroll

A last one to finish this list, if you like this one, visit his youtube playlist of ukulele covers :



Do you love those videos too? I have created a youtube playlist with all the videos above.

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