Ukulele chords flashcards

When I learn something I like to use flashcards to train my memory and practice regularly. The concept of flashcards is to use cards with questions on the front and answers on the bottom. Cards are easy to carry around and I use them while walking on the street or taking the subway.

I tried to find existing flashcards for ukulele chords on the web, but I didn’t find something that fit my needs (complete, easy to print) so I create this deck and I would like to share it with you. This is a first version with those chords:

  • major
  • 7
  • minor
  • minor 7

I hope that you will like it. I will add other chords in a future version.

Example of flash cards for major chords


Download the cards here: Ukulele-flashcards.pdf

Don’t hesitate to comment this post, are those cards useful for you?

One thought on “Ukulele chords flashcards

  1. The diminished and augs would be great or a blank template! I love the size, font, and color of your cards! Thank you!


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